Thursday, 13 March 2014

vCloud Automation Center 6.0 : Connect using SSH for Linux VMs

  • Add Action for Entitlement for Machine Action

  • required tovision VM from the edited Blueprint.

    In this case i am provisioning VM in Amazon EC2 a Linux VM. In case you are not connecting to Amazon EC2 ,you will not be required to download certificate.  Can directly connect with SSH handler.

  •  Add Extension to the Firefox browser from Extension page

  • Search for 'SSH handler' in search box and click install on 'fireSSH' 

  • Once added, Re-start the Firefox browser, and now we are ready to launch SSH sessions in browser.
  •  Launch a VM instance from the recently edited Blueprint

  • Click on Action, then 'Export Certificate'

  •   Once Export the Certificate , Save it to safe location to refer it for future
  • Now you are ready to establish connection from same window to Linux VM
  • click on 'Connect Using SSH' button to initiate the SSH connection
  •  Another Window will pop-out with connection to Linux VM

  •  Provide User name (default for every VM is 'ec2-user')
  • click 'browse' and navigate to location where you saved certificate file and select it

  •  Once selected click 'Ok' to start connection establishment

  •  and Walah!!!!! you are connected to the Linux VM

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